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Online College and Online Degree Consumer Guide

Online Education Basics
What is online education?
How does online learning work?
Is online learning right for you?
What is required?
How is it different from traditional learning?
How to choose an online school
How Online Education Works
How you learn online
How you interact online
Online Degree
Online degree programs
Nondegree programs
Online bachelor’s degree
Online MBA
Online vocational school
Online Learning Success Tips
Do not procrastinate
Keep to a schedule
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Consumer Guide for Online Learners

With the advances in internet technology, online learning has become a viable and valuable option for many individuals who needs the development of an existing career or a whole new departure.


Online Education Basics

You can enroll at accredited schools without geographic limitations with the convenience of your own schedule.

Online EducationBasics
Bullete What is online education?
Bullete Why online education is hot
Bullete How does online learning work?
Bullete Is online learning right for you?
Bullete What is required?
Bullete More


How to Choose the Right Online Education Program for You

Today you have a variety of online learning choices with varying degrees in quality and cost. You need to make decisions based on both your unique circumstances and the nature of quality in online learning. You need clear understanding of online education.      
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How Online Education Works

Many degree programs provide students with broad, practical, up-to-date understanding of certain industries, and equip them with the skills and expertise that are in demand. Graduates with these skills are important assets for companies seeking a competitive edge in their sector.

How Online Education Works
Bullete How you learn online
Bullete How teachers teach online
Bullete How you interact online
Bullete More



Online Degrees

These days there are online degree programs that can pursued to associate's, bachelor's or graduate level in many fields. Whether it is nursing, education, business management, or information technology, there is an online program to suit you.

Online Degree
Bullete Online degree programs
Bullete Nondegree programs
Bullete Online bachelor’s degree
Bullete Online graduate school
Bullete Online MBA
Bullete Online community/training college
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Online Learning Success Tips

To succeed with your online education, you need to learn to plan ahead your schedule and strictly follow the schedule. You need to keep focused and on track.

Bullete Keep to a schedule
Bullete Do not procrastinate
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Featured Schools

Strayer University

Strayer University has 43 campuses nationwide, and also offers its programs online. Many of their students combine classes online with campus classes. The university began in 1882 as a business college, then expanded in the 1980s to form campuses in other states.


In the 1990s Strayer began offering courses online. Strayer University was one of the very first schools in the United States regularly to provide online education, online learning and eventually online degree programs to students from across the United States. > Read more


DeVry University

Over the course of the past two decades DeVry University has gained a place in the public mind as being one of the leading schools catering to people who are not necessarily traditional students. Thus, it is really no surprise that DeVry University has been on the cutting edge when it comes to such things as online learning, online education and online degree and certification programs. > Read more




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Latest News

September 18, 2015
Soon, getting duplicate PU degree will just be a click away

Article from Chandigarh Tribune: Getting a copy of your Panjab University degree for any course will soon be just a click away as the authorities have decided to start issuing online degrees to students. From September 23, the services of issuing copies of degrees to students will be available online. To make the process hassle-free [...]

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September 16, 2015
Online master’s degree becomes more widely accepted – but still faces hurdles

Article from The College Fix: Austin Yack – UC Santa Barbara •August 18, 2015 Earning a master’s degree from a for-profit online university may be a viable option, but many say it’s not necessarily worth the bang for your buck. With the proliferation of people with online master’s degrees, employers and job recruiters have found [...]

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September 9, 2015
Spanish, French now available as online degree

Article from V Spectator: Written by Zenobia Harris, Copy Editor VSU students can now earn their Bachelor of Arts degree in French or Spanish online through the University System of Georgia’s eMajor program. The program is supposed to fall in line with Georgia’s “Go Back. Move Ahead” initiative that targets adults with a desire to [...]

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September 2, 2015
Peer-Reviewed Online Education from IECA

Article from Geosynthetica.net: By Laura Clark – Did you know that all of IECA’s online education and webinars are peer-reviewed? IECA is constantly striving to improve and grow its educational offerings. All courses, whether live or in person, are peer-reviewed for technical accuracy, relevance, and usefulness to attendees. The Professional Development Committee (PDC) offers balanced [...]

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