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Online College Accreditation

Do you think that all online colleges are created equal? Are you simply searching around for the one that offers the lowest prices, and the easiest course load? If this sounds like you, you will want to get out of this mode of thought right away. The bottom line is that not every online college is the same. And this holds true in more ways than one. The biggest difference between offerings it that some of them are accredited, whereas others are not. Generally speaking, if you want your degree to mean a whole lot, and help you out with your career, you will want to look for a college that has the proper accreditation.

The Difference

So what does it mean if an online college has accreditation? Basically, this means that they have been reviewed by educational boards, and have passed in all of the necessary areas. For instance, if an online college wants to be accredited they are going to have to match standards as far as course work is concerned. The classes will need to be the proper length in time, cover the right work load, and teach the basics as they are set forth. There are many online colleges that are not accredited. The reason for this is simple; it is not as easy as it may sound to get the accreditation needed in all areas. For this reason some colleges simply pass this step by and hope that they can still boost enrollment numbers in other ways.

Online Accredited Degree

If you are going to take online courses you will want to get an online accredited degree. No, this is not necessary, but if you are going to take the time why not do things right? The bottom line is that if you have an online accredited degree it will hold much more weight when you put it on your resume

So before you ever decide to sign up to take online classes, be sure as to what you are getting. There is nothing wrong with calling several colleges and asking them if there online degree programs are accredited. They will either tell you yes or no. There is no middle ground.


Overall, accreditation is very important. Even though you do not have to attend an accredited college, it is the best idea for most people. Make sure that you check into this before you sign up. This will ensure that you get an online accredited degree, and not a wannabe!


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