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Non Degree Programs: Certificates, etc.


In addition to online schools that offer degrees, some of them also give you the ability to earn certificates. In many cases, these certificates are just as popular as getting a degree. There are many benefits that you can take advantage of by getting a certificate. Some people have tapped into these advantages, and used them in order to increase their status in the work world. If you have never considered a non degree online program you may want to look into it right away. Just because you are not getting a degree does not mean that they are worthless.

How it Works

Basically, obtaining a certificate online is the same as getting a degree. When it comes down to it you will learn in the exact same way, and work towards a goal. The main difference is that when working towards a degree you will be graded on many projects and assignments along the way. On the other side of things, if you enroll in a non degree program you will more than likely receive a pass or fail grade at the end of the class. If you pass you get the certificate, and if you do not you have to try again.


Shorter Time

In most cases a non degree program can be completed much more quickly than getting a degree. In fact, many online schools offer the ability to get a certificate in as little as six to eight weeks. This can be a great thing if you are looking for a quick way to add to your education, or take your career to the next level. But remember, getting a certificate in anything is not a joke. Even though the courses may be shorter, there is still a lot of work that is involved. If you are not serious about moving forward, you would be better off waiting until you are 100 percent ready to go.

Types of Certificates

There are many different types of certificate programs that are available. In order to find the one that is best for you search online. Soon enough you will find a few that are of interest. Some of the more popular are in business, marketing, human resources, and technology.

Overall, non degree programs are becoming quite popular.  Many people have found that earning these degrees or certificates can help them to advance their career.  If you have not looked into the power of obtaining a certificate in your area of interest, you should do so right away.



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