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Online Learning: How you Interact

Online learning is a great way to gain knowledge in a non traditional type of setting. You can learn everything you need to obtain a degree without ever having to leave home. It is safe to say that 15 years ago people never even thought of this option. But in today’s age of technology and advancement, online learning is more popular than ever before.

The one inherent drawback that is seen in the online learning world is interaction.  How do students communicate with instructors?  Do students have the option to communicate with others in their class?  These are all questions that newcomers may need answered before getting started.


If you are interested in online learning, email will become your best friend. Not only will you be able to communicate with your instructor this way, but some institutions send out assignments via email as well.

Luckily, if you think that online learning is right for you chances are that you are already familiar with how to use email.

In addition, some online schools have their own system for teachers and students to communicate.  This is done via the school’s website, and is actually preferred by some people.  These systems allow teachers to post the lessons and assignments in one common area.  This way, you as a student can then log into the secure system and see what you need to do.  In most cases this sure beats having to wait for an email, and wondering if it ever made its way through.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or simply want to get in touch with your teacher you will be able to do so in one of the two ways listed above; depending on what school you are learning with. It really helps out in the long run if your instructor gives you an email address to use. This way you can communicate all of your questions to him or her without having to deal with the school’s system.

Also, some teachers will even give out their phone number to students. Of course this is not always the case, but many teachers feel that this is a necessity. If you are lucky enough to have this type of access to your teacher, be sure to take advantage of it if you get the urge.


Overall, interacting when it comes to online learning is still in the early stages. Every online school is different. Be sure to check into each school’s process before you get started.

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