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How Teachers Teach at an Online College

With any online school there are two very important sets of people. As a student you may think that you are the end all, but this is not the case. Open up your mind and think about it for a second. Not only are you involved with online learning, but there must also be a teacher, right? For this reason, while you are putting in a lot of time on your end, there are also teachers that have to get prepared as well. They need to make sure that every student is on the same page, and that they do a good job of communicating the workload effectively. Some teachers argue that it is much more difficult to teach an online class than a more traditional one in an actual classroom setting. For teachers, a whole new set of challenges are put in front of them when it comes to dealing with online learning.

Details are Important

One thing is for sure, details are very important to teachers when it comes to online learning. Since they do not have personal contact with their students, it is important for them to get things right the first time. This all starts before the semester even gets underway. Teachers will work to put together a course outline that is very detailed oriented. This way as the class moves forward they can rely on this to help them out. And at the same time the students will also be looking at the course outline to guide them.

Sending Clear Messages

Since there is not one on one action, online teachers need to send clear messages. When it is time for a lesson they will have a detailed outline put together that they can send to all of the students. This outline is more or less notes that a student would take in a more traditional class; but the good thing is that they are from the teacher. This makes it easy on the students because they know that they are getting the best information. And in order for teachers to grade a student, they must also send along homework assignments and tests. This gives them what they need in order to make a decision on final grades, etc.

Just like for students, there are some teachers that are not cut out to be online instructors. They do not work well within a non-personal environment, and this shows in their lack of communication skills.


Luckily, teachers are carefully screened by institutions before they are hired. This ensures that only the best of the best are involved with online learning.


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