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DeVry University -- Leading the Way in Online Learning

Over the course of the past two decades DeVry University has gained a place in the public mind as being one of the leading schools catering to people who are not necessarily traditional students. Thus, it is really no surprise that DeVry University has been on the cutting edge when it comes to such things as online learning, online education and online degree and certification programs.


DeVry University: A Commitment to Students

At DeVry, the small class size and online course options make it possible for students to take courses when and where they can. Students can take courses at over 80 campuses nationwide, and have a choice of taking them over eight weeks or during a full semester. Most courses are also offered online, and students can log in from anywhere.


DeVry also offers online job search information: assessment tests, resume builders, interviewing help, and salary surveys are just a few of the tools DeVry provides. DeVry also provides-at no cost to DeVry alumni-a wide avriety of short continuing education courses through NETgLearning. DeVry's website, www.devry.edu, also offers an online course demonstration as well as a lab demo.


Programs at DeVry University

DeVry offers associate degree programs in accounting technology, electronics and computer technology, health information technology, and network systems administration. Bachelor's degrees are offered in business (with many concentrations available), and biomedical and computer fields. A Master's degree is available from the Keller Graduate School of Management.

With more than 80 locations, DeVry students can combine online courses with classes that meet on campus. This flexibility enables students to have the flexibility to manage work, family, and a college education, yet get the support they need to achieve their goals. The online courses are taught by the same experienced faculty as the classroom based courses, and students keep in touch with instructors and support staff by email.


The Online Learning Program at DeVry University

Students who prefer to take an entire degree online can choose from associate's degree programs in accounting technology, health information technology, and network systems administration. A bachelor's degree can be earned in business administration, computer information systems, game and simulation programming, network and communication management, and technical management.


Online courses are supported by 24-hour access to the programs, and includes course outlines, bulletin boards and chats, projects, exercises, lectures, and other course materials.



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