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Strayer University: Brick and Mortar World and Online Learning for You


More and more adults are returning to college to finish degrees, change careers, or begin living their dreams of achieving a college education. Strayer University was designed to educate such a student, who often has to balance a job and family with studies.


About Strayer University: An Overview


Strayer University has 43 campuses nationwide, and also offers its programs online. Many of their students combine classes online with campus classes. The university began in 1882 as a business college, then expanded in the 1980s to form campuses in other states.


In the 1990s Strayer began offering courses online. Strayer University was one of the very first schools in the United States regularly to provide online education, online learning and eventually online degree programs to students from across the United States.


Programs at Strayer University

Strayer University offers many degrees and certificates, and has a wide variety of online programs. The online undergraduate certificate is a 27 credit hour program in business administration, information systems, or accounting. The undergraduate diploma is a 45 to 54 credit hour program, and is designed either for the student who wishes to go on to an associate's degree or who already has a bachelor's degree and wants a career change or continuing education. The diploma program is offered in:


 > Accounting

 > Internetworking Technology

 > Acquisition and Contract Management

 > Information Systems

 > Network Security

 > Computer Information Systems


The associate of arts degree is a more focused program, and is often the half-way point to a bachelor's degree. Strayer offers this 90 credit hour online program in the same fields as the diploma program, plus marketing, general studies, and economics. The bachelor of science degree is available from Strayer University in database technology, economics, internetworking, information systems, accounting, international business, and computer networking. A bachelor of business administration is also available online to the student, with concentrations in a variety of areas.


Strayer also offers a 54 credit hour master's degree in information systems, professional accounting, and management information systems. An MBA with 5 concentrations is offered as well. Strayer also has an executive graduate certificate.


Financial Aid at Strayer University

Strayer University is committed to offering both its brick and mortar world and online education and online degree students assistance in finding all necessary financial aid. The financial aid office at Strayer University is very active in locating all possible sources of loans and grants that can be made available to students to ensure that they do have access to a worthwhile educational experience at Strayer University.


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